Sunday, July 31, 2011

Freshlook Colorblends Sterling Gray Contact Lens - Review

I'm back with another colored contact lens review. I naturally have brown eyes, and I like them, but I like to change things up. I think it is fun to change the way I look, or else I get bored :-p.

I've had FreshLook COLORBLENDS Contact Lenses in Sterling Gray for a few months. I like them a lot. I think they look a lot more natural than the blue ones of this brand. You can see my review on the blue contacts here.
-taken with flash-

The thing I like about Freshlook Colorblends is that they mix a few different shades to achieve a more natural looking effect. I think these look like a light blueish gray on. Most people think I have blue eyes when I wear them, not gray. 

They are also comfortable. It doesn't feel like i'm wearing contacts when their in, but maybe i'm just used to contacts.

They were only $28 for a box of 6, which is really inexpensive. Each pair can be worn for a month. So, $28 for 3 months isn't bad.

I don't think they are as tough as my regular clear Bausch & Lomb contacts though, because a few times I have tried to take out my Freshlooks and they end up tearing. Which has never happened to me with my other contacts. To prevent this, I suggest taking them out very carefully, and maybe applying eye drops before you take them out.

DISCLOSURE: I bought this product with my own money. I did not receive any products or monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% mine.


Near said...

I have been wearing contacts for several years now and I am also doing my research into the grey contact lenses currently on the market. I presently wear standard contact lenses, but was wondering if the quality (comfort & visual) of coloured contacts was the same. That aside I think they look awesome.

Shirrel Cooper said...

My little sister really wants to get color contacts, but she has no idea where to look. I am going to let her know about these ones. I don't wear contacts so I have no idea of what I am looking for, but you left such a good review and the price does not seem that outlandish. Thanks!

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