Thursday, October 20, 2011

Freshlook Colorblends Turquoise Contact Lens Review

I have tried FreshLook COLORBLENDS Contact Lenses in a few other colors, and I keep buying from this brand, because they are very affordable, disposable, and they come in many colors. They are also more realistic looking than some other brands, because they blend a few different colors to achieve a more natural look. I recently decided to try the Turquoise out and I must say, I was pretty disappointed. They did not make my eyes appear any lighter, and they are not very realistic looking over brown eyes.
Taken with flash.
They are pretty similar to the blue contacts of this brand, only these have a slightly more green hue. This is what they look like up close, without flash:

As you can see, the brown part of my eye still shows, but that seems to be the case with all colored contacts (at least from this brand). This isn't too noticeable unless you are up really close. I assume when people think that the colored contacts are my real eye color, they must think the brown part of my eye that is showing is just the pupil.

Overall, I would recommend this brand, but not this color unless you only want a very slight change in color. For a dramatic change I would recommend Freshlook Colorblends in Sterling Gray or Gemstone Green.

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Disclosure: I have purchased this product with my own money. I did not receive any products or any kind of monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% mine.


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