Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trinity 3 Indoor Tanning Lotion Review

I have always chose to sunbathe as opposed to tanning beds, because I enjoy the experience of going to the beach or pool, it's better for your skin, and it's free, but it does take a long time to get a tan. Unfortunately, I don't have time to lay out in the sun for hours anymore. Now I go in a tanning bed for 15 minutes and it does the trick. I started out using a cheap tanning lotion, $9.99 at Sally's, but it wasn't getting me tan enough. All of the "superior" tanning lotions at the tanning salon are way over priced though, $100 for a bottle of tanning lotion? No thank you.

~ Review~

I decided, that I was not getting the results I wanted with a cheap tanning lotion, so I caved in and got a salon quality tanning lotion. I chose the Trinity 3. I got it on Amazon from a seller called Sealed Tanning Lotions. The Trinity 3 was only $25 with free shipping. This is a great deal, compared to my tanning salon that sells this same exact lotion for $60.

The Trinity 3 is a lotion made by Devoted Creations. It is considered a Level 3 tanning lotion. It's a tan enhancer, bronzer, silicone emulsion, and a tingle lotion. It contains Strivitan™, an Anti-Aging breakthrough, that reverses the signs of aging. This is great, since indoor tanning is known to cause wrinkles.

It smells great, the fragrance is raspberry pear. It smells sweet, but it has a little bit of spice, because of the tingle.

Now, I will say something about the tingle. If you have never used a tingle lotion before, then be warned, it can be a little intense the first time you use it. I felt a little light headed and sick the first time I used it. So, do not use it on an empty stomach and drink plenty of water before using it. Your skin will get used to it though, which is a good and a bad thing. Eventually, once your skin gets used to any tanning lotion, you will not see the same results, so always have a few different lotions that you use on rotation.

This lotion really speeds up the tanning process for me. I can look a bit red, blotchy, and sometimes I have pale spots after using it, but all of that fades away within 1-3 hours. Overall, I love this tanning lotion, it works great, and I highly recommend it.

*Disclaimer: I did not receive any products or monetary compensation for this review. I am not affiliated with Trinity 3 or Devoted Creations in any way, I just love their product. All opinions are 100% mine.


amyorvin said...

This sounds like a good product to try. I think the tingle would be interesting.


Sara said...

I like the fact that it contains anti-aging ingredients this is a definite plus. I use self tanner, self tanner products have come a long way and there are some products that give an all natural tan not the orange color that many women have experienced. Here are some of the best self tanners.

ayushbajaj52 said...

this products are being revolutionerised,as well as daily modernised.i have to try them and even make others try it.

rossy lamba said...

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Gin said...

I use this lotion also and LOVE it. It really works! You will be happy with your choice if you choose to buy it. Highly Recommended!

Gin said...

I use this lotion also and LOVE it. It really works! You will be happy with your choice if you choose to buy it. Highly Recommended!

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