Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nuvosa Skincare Review!

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, then you can tell that I really love skincare products. Don't get me wrong, I love makeup too, but taking good care of your skin should be the most important part of anyone's beauty routine. Using high quality skin care products is certainly more important, because your skin will reward you later on when it still looks youthful. Good products for your skin will also reduce fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and hyperpigmentation; all the things that you try to cover up with makeup, and end up making you look older.

Nuvosa is a brand that makes high quality anti-aging skin care products. The thing that really impressed me was how many celebrities use this brand. All the time celebrities endorse certain products, because they are paid to do so, but they don't actually use the products. With Nuvosa, none of the celebrities that use Nuvosa products were paid to endorse them, they just love their products. Celebrities such as Tyra Banks, Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon, Selma Hayek, Scarlet Johansson, Jennifer Lopez, Emma Stone, Christina Aguilera, the Kardashian sisters, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and so many more. If all of those celebrites are using Nuvosa products and have great looking skin, than I want to use Nuvosa products too.

I was sent a Nuvosa Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatment Collection. I was highly impressed with the packaging. The collection came in a sleek, expensive looking, and very classy gift box. I like how it says "Paris, London, New York" on it. This box is definitely something I will hold on to and reuse.

Inside of the box contained a Flawless Age Protection Toner, Deep Wrinkle Remedy Intense Anti-Aging Sikn Resurfacer, and a Reborn Wrinkle Shield Moisturizer. I liked the products that they chose for this collection. Many skin care lines don't include a toner, so I was pleased to receive one in my package.

Since, the collection did not include a cleanser, I just used one that I already have. I don't feel that the cleanser is as important as what you put on your skin afterward and I already have many good cleansers, so this worked out well for me. So, first step was cleansing my skin.

 The 2nd step was using the toner. I applied the toner on a cotton pad and applied it to my skin in upward strokes. The toner is meant to restore your skin to it's natural pH, close your pores, and remove any remaining dirt, oil, or makeup from your skin.

Next it was time to use the Deep Wrinkle Remedy Intense Anti-Aging Skin Resurfacer. This product has the consistency of a serum. It uses a new hyaluronic acid technology to greatly boost the performance for long lasting, powerful effects. I applied this product with my fingers all over my face and neck. It put a little more moisture back into my skin after cleansing and toning, and it quickly dries.

The final step is the Reborn Wrinkle Shield Moisturizer. The consistency of the moisturizer is nice and creamy. This last step leaves my skin looking moisturized, healthy, and radiant. My skin feels firmer and has almost a glow to it.

If you buy these products separately, the toner is $25, the wrinkle remedy is $98, and the moisturizer is $70. Altogether these products would total to $148, but for a limited time you can buy the whole collection for a low price of $49. That's $99 worth of savings! This is such a great deal. All of the products that you get with this collection are full size, and well worth the money. They come in a gift box that's ready to be given as a present for the holidays or as a gift for yourself.
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