Friday, December 7, 2012

Wedding Talk - All About Wedding Favors!

If you haven't noticed, I have been writing about weddings a lot lately. No, i'm not getting married any time soon, at least I don't think so. I am just writing a series of all aspects to weddings. There are so many different aspects to a wedding that you have to think about too! Wedding favors, decorations, the cake, the dress, the invitations, the food; Wow, so much work!

Today, we are talking about Wedding Favors. It seems like something kind of small, but the wedding favors are a chance for you to give something to the guests so they can remember and cherish your special day too. So, what do you give your guests? a picture? a card? something to eat? Well, those are some ideas, but there are actually many different types of wedding favors to choose from.

Some of the most popular wedding favors include candles, bubbles, and chocolates. You can make your wedding favors personalized or custom to your wedding's theme. Maybe you don't want to be like everybody else by giving your guests a candle. There are many more unique choices as well. Some of the more unique wedding favors I have come across include salt and pepper shakers, bottle openers, gumball machines, wine stoppers, and my personal favorite: a mini slot machine; perfect for those Las Vegas weddings!

While the little slot machine is a great novelty item, maybe you want to give your guests something a little more practical. There are plenty of wedding favors that not only can match your wedding's theme, but the guests will also be able to get use out of the item after the wedding. Practical wedding favors include disposable cameras, key chains, coasters, magnets, and playing cards just to name a few.

If your guest list is huge or you are on a tight budget then you might be worried about the price of the wedding favors. Wedding favors may seem relatively inexpensive, but when you are buying one for every guest, it adds up really fast! Thankfully, Weddingstar has many affordable and low cost options when buying in bulk.


Mer said...

I'm a big fan of edible (or otherwise consumable. Handmade soap was a particularly memorable one!) favors. Whatever is chosen, the presentation is the most important. Cute packaging that matches the theme makes a favor great.

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