Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sisley UK Skin Care Products

I have a huge skin care collection. I like to change my skin care routine every few weeks. So, I always have plenty of products on hand to switch up my skin care regimen. My nightly routine consists of cleansing, toning, serum, moisturizing, and an eye cream. My day time routine is a little simpler, with just cleansing, serum, day cream, and eye cream. I also use an exfoliating cleanser every other day and I use a facial mask 1-2 times a week. Sounds complicated when I write it down, but it's actually a pretty quick routine. It's also a routine where you will see results. Before I ever used skin care products, I would break out all of the time. Now I always have clear, fresh skin.

Sisley UK is a high quality, and luxurious brand that has products for you to create your own skin care regimen. It's best to use products that are ideal for your skin type. Which they have plenty of different types of products at Sisley UK. They have everything you will need to create your own custom regimen. Some of their products that I would love to add to my collection include: Eau Efficace Gentle Make-Up Remover, Phyto Blanc Absolute Lightening Essence, Black Rose Cream Mask, Eye and Lip Contour Complex, Lotion with Tropical Resins, and Neck Cream.

Sisley also produces makeup such as lip balm and tinted moisturizer, fragrances, products for men, and sun products such as tan extenders, self tanners, and sunscreens.


Eustacia Miliusis said...

A Sisley UK Skin Care Products regime sounds like it would be great to have, my skin is getting dry....and old!

Anonymous said...
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