Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stumbling on Open Ground by Ken Mansfield

Stumbling on Open Ground takes us through Ken Mansfield's journey of surviving two cancers, while keeping his faith in God. We also get to see the unconditional love between him and his wife, Connie's, as she does whatever it takes to make him feel well again. The sub-title is called Love, God, Cancer, and Rock n Roll. Where does the Rock n Roll fit in? Ken looks back at the days when he worked at Apple Records, and worked with many people in the music industry such as the Beatles.

As much as I wanted to like a book about a man's brave battle with cancer, I just could not get into this book. The book is extremely repetitive, almost every chapter is about Ken reaching a low point in the cancer, questioning God, and then realizing it's all a part of his path and God's plan. The story isn't told in a cohesive manner either, it just jumps from 2008, to the 1960's, one chapter the doctor is telling him to get his "affairs in order" and the next the doctor was wrong and he ends up feeling well again, with no information in between.

By the title of the book, I was under the impression that there would be some fun and interesting rock n' roll tales that would shine a brighter side to the story, I was wrong. The little bit that he tells us about the days of working at Apple Records, is probably the worst part of the book. It just ends up being boring and uninteresting name dropping. Worst of all, the author just expects us to know who the people are that are attached to these names, while I have never heard of them. Once again, making me feel isolated from the story.

My favorite part of the book was in the beginning of each chapter. His wife Connie, tells us her paragraph long perspective as a prelude to each chapter. I enjoyed reading someone else's perspective, and sadly I felt like I learned more about their ordeal just from the little bit that she wrote than I did from the rest of the book.

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