Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Victoria Footwear USA - Inglesa Elastico Rosa Review!

I got something exciting in the mail today, can you guess what it was? It came in this cute little box..

If you guessed shoes, then you are right. The saying, "A girl can never have too many shoes", definitely holds true for me. I love shoes, and I love having shoes for every occasion. Victoria Footwear is a shoe company located in Spain that has been around since 1915. If you have never heard of them, don't feel like you are living under a rock, they have only recently started selling their shoes in the United States.

What makes Victoria Footwear different from any other brand, is that they make their shoes with 100% natural cotton grown in Spain, and they use natural rubber for the soles of their shoes. All of the elements used in their shoes can be recycled and reused. This is a great thing to hear, since so many of us girls like to have many pairs of shoes, and quite a few of our shoes end up in a landfill every year. The eco-friendliness of a shoe is definitely a plus for me, especially if the shoes are cute. Luckily, there is a huge trend going on for earth friendly shoes. So, not only will you help save the planet by wearing these, but you will also look super stylish.

Right now Victoria Footwear has 4 styles for women and a men's style shoe, that all come in a variety of different colors. All of their shoes are casual slip-ons or lace up sneakers. On their website, you can look look through all of the different shoes very easily, but the downside is that they only have a side view photo for each shoe. I personally, like to see what a shoe looks like from the top, front, and back before I buy them.

The pair of shoes that I chose are the Inglesa Elastico, in the color Rosa. Judging by the photo on the website, I thought the color would be a brighter pink, but it ended up being more of a dusty rose. Either way, these shoes are super cute, and I was more than thrilled when I first laid my eyes on them in person.

They feel very quality made and are comfortable on. I usually have problems with comfort when it comes to sneakers that aren't the athletic variety, but these actually feel great on. I, of course, also worry about sizing when it comes to ordering online, and these thankfully, fit perfectly. I am usually a 7-8, and I chose the Euro 38 (US size 7). The only minor thing is that the shoe is slightly narrow in the front, so you may want to order a size up, especially if you have wide feet.

As far as the style of the shoe goes, I couldn't be more happy. These shoes will definitely get a lot of wear from me, especially in the upcoming Spring and Summer months. I can't wait to wear these every day with my shorts and a comfy top. Until then, I will be rocking these with my skinny jeans. Wouldn't these just look fabulous paired with white skinny jeans and a pink top?

Oh yeah, they also look good with leggings!

Overall, I think these are a great pair of shoes and I would definitely recommend them. In fact, I now want a pair in every color, especially white! What color is your favorite at Victoria Footwear?

*Disclosure: I received a product for the purpose of an honest review. I did not receive any form of monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% mine.


Eni tas said...

Wow thanks for share , they are very beautiful.. i'm a bit tired of Tom's! that's make different ..

Turning the Clock Back said...

my daughter would love those! We wear the same size now and she is always stealing my shoes!

Daisy B said...

These are super cute! LOVE them!

Samantha said...

super, super cute! and no laces, love

Minta's Creations said...

I think these shoes are very cute.

Show Me Mama said...

Those look really cute and love the colors selections they have. The pink and the red look absolutely stunning. I definitely will look into them. Since I have a baby, I need some shoes that will make easy to walk around in. Thanks for sharing. Just lovely.

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