Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wearing Jewelry For A Night Out

Few things in life bring us as much satisfaction as wearing a charming necklace or bracelet for a special occasion. Big or small, expensive or inexpensive, simple or extravagant, there is little doubt that jewelry lifts our spirits and our overall look. A beautiful diamond necklace or a pair of pearl earrings may be more than enough to make any attire stand out. Worn properly, a diamond ring may be the centerpiece of your overall night attire. However, be aware that there is a very fine line between using jewelry to your advantage and having it hinder your looks.

Here’s a small list of recommendations to make the most out of your jewelry for that special night out:

Choose for the occasion. If you’re attending an important event or party at night, you should always go for certain types of jewelry while avoiding others that don’t mix well with such occasions. For starters, anything with diamonds, especially earrings and bracelets will look great at night. Of course, diamonds can be worn at day, but they truly shine when they serve as an accent for an evening or night gown. Jewelry that includes pearls can be versatile tools of your fashion arsenal because they look great with most skin tones, and can be worn day or night.

Coordination is key. Certain types of jewelry, such as the iconic white diamond will coordinate with almost everything you have in your wardrobe. White diamond rings are great for evening or night events because they are easy to mix and match with other items. If you have a colored gemstone, such as a pink or pale yellow diamond, you should do your best to match it with the rest of your attire and accessories. Not everything should be of the same color, but the end result should at least look harmonious and coordinated.

Know when to stop. It is definitively fun to load up on sparkly bracelets and rings, but there are boundaries, and you should always be aware of your fashion limits. If you choose to wear a few bangles, less will be more when selecting your earrings and necklaces.

Tone it down. Whenever you decide to wear an over-the-top piece of jewelry, you should seriously consider balancing out by choosing simpler clothes. We’re not saying that you cannot wear flashy clothes with big jewelry, but as a general rule try to pick one over the other.


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