Monday, August 26, 2013

Using diamond rings the right way

Diamond rings are iconic, timeless pieces of fashion that can immediately enhance your looks by wearing them properly. Diamonds have been used in every type of jewelry imaginable from earrings to rings. Diamond rings are one of the top choices for engagement jewelry. However, people without much experience with jewelry may find that it can be tricky to wear a diamond ring the right way. In this article we will analyze a few ways to help you use these charming accessories.

As a basic rule you should avoid wearing more than three rings to avoid looking over-encumbered. With diamond rings, the “less is more” rule definitively applies. Whenever you wear multiple pieces of jewelry make sure that they all have contrasting styles and textures in order to achieve a balanced look. Rings with large stones or fancy shapes tend to work great whenever they’re placed near other rings with more reserved designs. They will also complement more abstract models molded into more particular shapes such as animals. You may also consider wearing multi-finger rings that share a single decoration, since they are a great way to accessorize the entire hand while avoiding issues that are commonly associated with multiple rings.

Try to pay attention to size and quantity when mixing and matching your rings with other pieces of jewelry, accessories and clothing. Piling on many layers pieces of large jewelry can actually create the image of bulk and sends the message that the wearer's look is actually random not intentional. Whenever you wear more jewelry on one part of the body, try to subtract accessories in another area. For example, if you already are wearing a two rings and a bracelet in one hand, go with a bare wrist and just a single ring in the other. Remember that whenever you are attending a formal event, you should be even more careful with this rule.

Wearing several rings on both hands can look great, again, if only a delicate balance is achieved. Never wear rings with many large stones or decorations or you’ll risk looking too over-the-top. Rings with raised decorations can be easily even out by smooth surfaces and low settings. Of course, if you want to make a unique statement, sometimes the only way to achieve this is by wearing multiple rings, even if more than one piece is flashy. Remember: the more you put all these principles in practice, the better you’ll get at wearing jewelry!


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Kelly Rogers said...

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Bella Wilson said...

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Anonymous said...

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sanam arzoo said...

You ARE pure genius! That spool holder is ideal for your rings. I actually have a bunch of rings in a very box that i am forever thumbing through . That spool holder would be nice. that will take up some serious land on my dresser, though. i'm wondering if there square measure smaller ones.
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