Monday, October 28, 2013

Betsy Farms Chicken Jerky Review!

Have you ever heard of jerky treats killing dogs? I have recently found out that more than 2,200 pets have fallen sick after eating jerky dog treats and 360 of them died. The majority of these cases happen after consumption of chicken jerky treats, tenders, and strips. Other types of jerky such as duck and sweet potato have also been known to making dogs ill. No definitive cause has been found. 

It is no secret that in the past 10 years, there has been a dramatic increase in importation of pet food from China. The FDA searched manufacturing plants in China that are responsible for exporting a significant amount of jerky treats to the US. What they found was a corrupted facility falsifying documents, which could very well lead us to the possible cause of the problem.

Thankfully, we can stay away from popular dog treat brands that are the culprits for selling us bad jerky treats from China. There are still some good brands left like Betsy Farms. Betsey Farms sources ingredients and manufactures all of their products right here in America. Woohoo! I usually love buying products made in the USA, but knowing that these treats are safe for my dog is even better.

Not only are these treats safe for your pet, but they are also good for them. Betsey Farms treats contain wholesome ingredients and are free of wheat and artificial colors and flavors.

We received this big bag of Natural Chicken Jerky Fillets for Zooey to try. Since this bag is almost the size of my dog, I know it will last us quite awhile. The Chicken Jerky are long thick pieces of jerky that aren't too hard or dry.

The recommended feeding amount based on your dog's weight is as follows:
  • 5 to 10lbs 1 piece
  • 11 to 25lbs 2 pieces
  • 26 to 50lbs 3 pieces
  • Over 50lbs 4 pieces
My dog is Chihuahua, and she is 11 lbs, so she can get away with eating 1-2 pieces. Although I usually just give her 1. 

Here is my Zooey waiting very patiently while looking rather intently on a piece of Chicken Jerky that I am dangling above her. Her tongue is even sticking out a little, because she can't wait to eat her treat. The next picture was taken moments later as she quickly gnaws and chews away, until the Chicken Jerky disappears. I could hardly take a another picture before she swallowed her last bite. I was actually quite surprised that a piece of jerky that big wouldn't last a little dog a bit longer, but I guess they are just that good!

Betsy Farms Jerky is exclusively available at Walmart and Sam's Club. They are very affordable, especially if you are a member at Sam's Club. A giant 40 oz bag is only $13!

Overall, I would highly recommend Betsey Farms Chicken Jerky. They are safe, healthy, affordable, and your dog will love them.

*Disclosure: I received a product for the purpose of an honest review. I did not receive any form of monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% mine.


Autumn Blues Reviews said...

Wow! I have never heard of dogs being killed by jerky treats, rawhides yes. These look like great treats both my dogs would enjoy. I like that they contain wholesome ingredients. Zooey looks very happy and she looks like my Frankie from the back.

Alexia Abby said...

That's awful! 360? Thank you for bring this to your readers attention. I try to buy products that are made in the US anyway, but this gives me more incentive. Might have to check out Betsey Farms website as my dogs go through treats like they're going out of style. =)

Show Me Mama said...

These look yummy for any dogs. I know my friends dog would sure enjoy these natural dog treats. Thanks for sharing.

Closer to Lucy said...

Omggodness! I had no idea! Thank you for the insight...will certainly be aware of the jerky threat when putting together our puppy to be's stocking this year!

Missykay1980 said...

Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW I had no idea this is soooo scary thank you soooo much for posting this review I will be WAY more careful from now on.

clc408 said...

I've heard of the dangerous products coming from China. I try to buy products made in the USA like this one.

amanda whitley said...

I love supporting american companies. I think my dog marley would love this.

Anne Gilbert said...

My Lab didn't think so much of Betsy Farms. She fell sick and this is all I took from her on reccomendation from my vet. She got so much better just days after and I will make my own treats at home from now on and the bag I have left will go back to Sams wholesale for refund and no more business from me.

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